2019 Team Results

7 & 8 Year Team (5th Place) 

Alex, Alicia, Hannah, Lilliana, Matilda, Mia 

9 & 10 Year Team (1st Place & Dance)

Adelaide, Isabel, Jordan, Kayla, Keira, Lara

9 & 10 Year Team

Emily, Evie, Jorja, Port Macquarie

11 & 12 Year Team (4th Place)

Aurora, Bronte, Chloe, Jordan, Lara, Mykenzie

13 & 14 Year Team (2nd Place & Dance)

Alice, Elicia, Eva, Lila, Mia, Rhiana

15 & 16 Year Team (2nd Place)

Ali-Rose, Caitlin, Chontal, Courtney, Elicia, Maddy

Elementary Ladies Team (2nd Place)

Amy, Elisa, Felicity, Fi, Taylor, Patricia

Advanced Ladies Team (1st Place)

Elise, Hannah, Kerrianne, Mellisa, Nikki, Renee

7/8 Years- 5th Place
9/10 Years- 1st Place & Dance
11/12 Years- 4th Place
13/14 Years-2nd Place & Dance
15/16 Years- 2nd Place
Elementary Ladies- 2nd Place
Advanced Ladies- 1st Place
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2019 Individual Results 

Grand Finalists

6 Years

7 Years

10 Years

12 Years

13 Years

14 Years

15 Years

Adv Ladies

Alex Bailey (5th Place)

Alicia Elkins

Jordan Hubbard (Dance)

Mykenzie Smith (1st Place)

Lila Smith

Elicia Bull (2nd Place)

Chontal Brown (6th Place)

Nikki Smith

State Finalists

6 Years

7 Years

9 Years

10 Years

10 Years

12 Years

13 Years

13 Years

13 Years

14 Years

15 Years

16 Years

16 Years

Adv Ladies

Adv Ladies

Adv Ladies

Alex Bailey

Alicia Elkins

Keira Bailey

Jordan Hubbard

Lara Parmenter

Mykenzie Smith

Eva Wright

Rhiana Connors

Lila Smith

Elicia Bull

Chontal Brown

Maddy Cunningham

Ali-Rose Sodeau

Nikki Smith

Renee Kennedy

Elise Wittman

Ladies Sectionals

Junior Adv

Int Adv

Master Adv 

Hannah McDonald (3rd Place)

Mellisa Connors - (1st Place)

Kerrianne George - (1st Place)

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EP Physie - 

7/8 Years- 5th Place